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    What is An Apple for the Teacher?

A new subscription-based membership site for teachers, Montessori guides, and homeschool families, delivering daily teaching resources, materials, and activities right to your email box!

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Each Friday morning, you’ll receive an email containing five curricular resources or "apples" for the coming week.  By sending them to you on Friday, it will provide you time to review the materials, download them to your computer and decide how you will integrate them into your lesson plans. These resources are created and handpicked by me and can be downloaded, printed, copied, and used immediately with your students knowing that they’ve been quality tested and approved by hundreds of students over the course of my career, for just pennies a day.

You’ll receive a wide variety of materials each month including language arts resources, math worksheets and assessment forms, running record materials, charts and forms, poetry and songs, spelling activities, science and social studies resources, clip art and graphics for use on your remote learning sites and many, many more. The materials are created with the primary learner (K-3) in mind although many of the activities can be used with our preschool friends and intermediate students based on interest and ability level.

Worried you might not be able to find, upload or print something in your email account?  Don't worry...we'll keep all your resources safe and secure on our website, uploading content weekly so you'll always be able to find what you're looking for.

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Both memberships receive five resource materials delivered to your email box every Friday morning. The Red Delicious Membership Level receives two custom resources designed especially for you and your students each month.

During our Founding Membership Drive we have only a limited number of Core and Red Delicious Memberships available at these reduced rates.  Founding Members also receive a thank you gift along with the chance to share feedback, and make special requests for future materials.

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Core Membership

From: $6.00 / month for 12 months with 1 week free trial

Red Delicious Membership*

From: $10.00 / month for 12 months with 1 week free trial

*Only a limited number of these memberships available.